Biologist Blas Silva

is Peru’s best-known scientist and a pioneer in the research and dissemination of medicinal plants for human.

He graduated from Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos and pursued his postgraduate studies in the United States and Canada. He began his career as professor at his alma mater and as Chief of Huascarán National Park, as well as a member of the Paracas Foundation. Years later, he founded Laboratorio Algas Marinas, under the brand name Bionaturista, the first Peruvian company to produce natural products in the country.
Prestigious institutions such as universities, professionals’ associations, research institutes, assemblies, foundations, chambers of commerce, social clubs, departmental councils, municipalities, and other public and private bodies have recognized his professional qualities on numerous occasions. He was also recognized by the Congress of the Republic of Peru with the Gold medal for his scientific research for the benefit of natural health and nature care.
Currently, the biologist Blas Silva, founder and CEO of Laboratorio Algas Marinas, heads up the research and development area for new Bionaturista products, always rooted in science, with the goal of using his original formulas to improve people’s lives and add value to Peru’s renewable and cultivable natural resources and placing Peru among the world’s greatest sources of natural medicine in the near future.