Our products are produced under the highest quality, safety and legal standards from the most rigorous international certifications granted by the SGS and Control Union companies, major worldwide certifying entities.


PRODUCTION PLANT: All the processes and procedures such as facility management, reception, storage, assurance and quality control, equipment maintenance, staff training and hygiene, cleaning and disinfection, pest control, among others, are thoroughly supervised to allow the production of harmless food.

RAW MATERIAL ENTRY: They are analyzed in detail, then registered and stored before being used in the production process.

ELECTRONIC WEIGHING: To ensure a detailed precision in each process.

CLIMATIC CHAMBER: To carry out stability tests of the products.

HYGIENE AND SANITATION: All machines are cleaned and disinfected thoroughly after each production cycle in order to prevent any type of contamination.

AIR SYSTEMS: Temperature and humidity are constantly monitored and regulated with air filtering and venting systems, hence reducing any possible contamination from an external source.

WAREHOUSE OF FINISHED PRODUCTS: Its temperature and humidity is properly regulated.

ANALYSIS OF PRODUCTS: All finished products are sent to the quality control lab for further analysis.